Monday, November 14, 2016

Birubi Beach on a Calm Day

Our first visit to Birubi Beach was on a windy weekend. There were lots of people, the waves were rougher, and it was posted for no swimming. This day was different.

This trip was on a weekday when as the kids are in school and the air was nearly dead calm. Just a light breeze to keep the flies off.

With the bright blue sky reflected in the very clear ocean, the turquoise and cerulean capture in the sea is breathtaking. If you expand the panorama above (clicking on it should do that), and look to the right side, you'll see the two red and yellow flags on the beach. Swimming is only allowed between these flags. You can see the "huge number" of people bathing today.

Later, looking back down this long sandy beach, we see someone riding their horse and sulky out across the sand.

Just to clarify, here's an enlargement of the center of the image.

Only in Australia (as far as I've seen) can you see car tracks on the beach while a sulky is taken across the sand. Magical place.

Up on shore is a small bistro that serves sandwiches and the like. We ordered a plate of chips and couple bottles of water.

Here you can see the daily menu.

Then, just when you are completely chilled, diggin' the chips and enjoying the silence of the place, you see camels. Yes, camels being ridden across the sand.

Camel rides are offered here and the caravan was coming back at the end of the walk. There is nothing you can imagine seeing on the beach that isn't here.

This place is a popular swimming spot and bus load of Asia tourist frequently visit. But if you come at the right time of week on the right day, you can capture a piece of magic and hold in your hand for just a moment.