Sunday, September 04, 2016

Phryne Fisher Exhibition, Brisbane

In Brisbane, next to the City Botanic Garden, is the campus of Queensland University of Technology, QUT. This campus is built on what used to be the site of government buildings. Hence, the Old Government Building is found here. It is now called the William Robinson Gallery and is a museum space. At the moment, the exhibit is of the clothes created especially for the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Television series.

We drove in from Ipswich to campus and parked just next to the exhibit building. Since we were there early, we decided to take a stroll about the gardens again, now that the wind is not cold as it was in early July. You see, in Australia, spring begins on September 1, not on the 22/23 as at home. Many flowers and trees are in bloom. How can they know that Australia has ruled that spring has begun?

In fact, this tree has already peaked and started to drop the blossom petals.

Over by the pond, located away from the river, we find the city reflected in the water making a impressionist painting.

Wandering about the shore were at least 1/2 dozen of the Eastern Water Dragons. One or two were quite large. I haven't decided if I'm more scared of them than they are of me yet. I can get pretty close to one to photography it.

Down by the water, we can see sailboats moored, waiting for their respective captains to come aboard and set sail.

After a perambulation, we decided to cross the river to the south bank in search of a bite of lunch. We didn't use the bridge in the first photo below, it is for vehicles only. There is a pedestrian bridge, the Goodwill Bridge, that we walked over.

This bridge (below) has a yellow line down the middle dividing traffic so everyone walks/rides on the left. Similarly, each lane is divided, without a line this time, in half with the walkers on the outside, cyclists nearer the center.

Periodically, on the decking is painted the image below.

The separation of walkers and cyclists leads to the need for these instructions painted on the bridge decking. Clearly, there cannot be any republicans in Australian since everyone must keep to the far left here.

From the bridge, we got a nice view of the city along the river. Note that on the south bank (left in the photo), that there is the Brisbane equivalent of the London Eye, called the Wheel of Brisbane.

We stopped a place along the south bank river walk for a burger and chips. From here we had a great view of the CBD (Central Business District for our non-Aussie friends).

We had seats at the front of the open-air restaurant and as the clouds floated over, we were alternately a bit too warm or just right as we sat partially in the sun. The place was mostly empty on a weekday and we had a feeling of being a bit more special than we were. There was some sort of non-descript rhythmic boots-n-pants music in the background that, when combined with the sun, just let us mentally drift sideways a little. We sat watching the river ferries shuttle folks up and down and to and fro in their slow, repetitive dance. There is some traffic noise from the elevated expressway across the river, but it was not obtrusive; just a bit of white noise to soften the experience. We enjoy a pleasant breeze and listen to the occasional cry of some exotic-sounding (but very common) bird.

As you see above, there were a few people in the grass enjoying the spring warmth. Folks sitting the deck chairs mostly fiddle with their smart phones. One might say that that spring is bringing out more reptiles than just the water dragons seeking a warm place to bask.

As we enjoyed lunch, we sat and people watched. There were joggers, bikers, walkers, skateboarders, strollers, those walking with a purpose and those who seemed to wandering aimlessly. There were very few children. School must still be in session. These passing people could be from anywhere, but the style of dress is somehow a little different and, after a few minutes, you realize that you can really only be in Australia.

There is just a taste of salt in the air from the ocean that is not so far away.

All-in-all, we just relaxed our way through lunch and smiled a lot at our good fortune to be in the sun, in Brisbane, in Australia, just enjoying life.

After lunch, we walked, as part of that far left crowd again, back across the Goodwill Bridge to campus and took in the exhibition of the clothes designed for Essie Davis as she played Phryne Fisher, a well-to-do young woman in 1920's Melbourne who solves crimes. If you haven't seen the show, you really should. Loads of fun.

Below is a sample of the clothes on display.

And a good day was had by all.