Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kilcoy Beer & BBQ

Over the weekend, we drove to Kilcoy to enjoy a bit of small town Australian fun. The street fair was held under a warm sunny sky and filled with characters. We also had some interesting choices of food.

Lots of people, although not a cheek to cheek crowd. We filled the street - there was really only one street a couple blocks long, albeit a wide street with an island in the middle.

The food choices were mostly meat and sweets. We opted for the Texas style below. E had a sausage and I had the beef. It was really good.

The entertainment included some local singers and a couple fellows doing what was a mostly a comedy routine and slightly a demonstration of being a lumberjack. In the video below you can see a little of the log rolling they attempted.

For the children, there were pig races. although we did not stay to watch the race, we did see the pre-race camaraderie of the contestants.

The Exchange Hotel was front and center in the festivities. Most likely because there is nothing else to focus on in this small town.

One of the great things about the hotel is that there is a drive through bottleshop (read: liquor store). We saw one of these in Dalby recently that was really a drive through. The Dalby store was a building with a two car wide opening in it and shelves on either side. Clearly a place to buy your alcohol in a driving rain even if you are there during rush hour. Amazing. Didn't visit this one, but I sure it will serve the purpose.

finally, just for you who need a periodic fix, here we are relaxing in the shade after our lunch.