Sunday, September 11, 2016

Curtis Falls, Tamborine Mountain

We had to spend a few extra days away from Toowoomba before returning so we spent a couple nights at Bribie Island and one night on Tamborine Mountain. The afternoon we arrived we hiked down to Curtis Falls through the rainforest.

The forest floor is filled with ferns, palms and strangler figs.

And lots of trees I can't identify.

Although we were only about 1700 ft above sea level, it is noticeably cooler, especially in the rainforest.

This is prime territory to see/hear an Albert's Lyrebird, but they are particularly reclusive. Thus, we had no luck.

The walk to Curtis Falls was not a long one as we wound down the hill to the level of the stream at the bottom.

While at the falls, I took a photo for a young woman there with her parents and she reciprocated for us.

While not large, this waterfall was probably the most significant we seen so far. I believe we were out of season to see the other, potentially, larger falls in action.

The scene below with the large strangler fig and the stairs beside it somehow put me in the mind of a scene from Tolkien. I wonder how the Ents would deal with a strangler fig?

The stream fed by Curtis Falls is not large, but clearly it gets bigger. How else do those large boulders get piled along side it?

The fig tree with the stairs has a very strange shape. Over our heads it takes a couple 60 degree turns, first to the left, and then to the right, creating an offset in the tree. Certainly haven't seen such a thing before.