Sunday, September 04, 2016

Colleges Crossing

 A short drive north of Ipswich is Chuwar and there we find Colleges Crossing. This is a nice park along the river where we can bird watch and stretch the our legs while walking Zoe. Many old friends to be seen here like the female wood duck above.

There is the Australasian Darter posing, flying, and finding a meal in the stream.

And the Australian Pelican gliding on the calm waters.

Here he's draining the water from his pouch after dunking his head underwater to get a mouth full of water and a meal.

Pelicans are very graceful gliding over the water.

With the background water illuminated by the setting sun, he cuts a fine figure.

A most pleasant place that I expect we'll visit again.

These pictures and more are on flickr.