Saturday, August 27, 2016

Flying Foxes Again

A quick trip to Kearny Springs Historical Park in Toowoomba to see what is happening. It seems that what is happening is Flying Foxes. they are now much more active and vocal.

Lots of squirming and wing stretching going on. Lots of chatter.

This fellows are noisy. I recorded a couple short videos so you can hear the noises they make. All the sounds on the recordings are wind, a little bit of me on the first one, and bats.

Of course, the calling foxes are not the ones seen in the videos, but you get the idea.

Finally, one of the foxes flew around (I could never catch one in a still image) and landed on a bare limb. Once he landed he climbed along the limb to find a spot that suited him.

It give a way to see clearly how the skin, hands and feet are all connected together.

Interesting animals.