Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another visit to the Beach

On the path from the hotel to the beach grow Boronia bushes. Although it is a bit early in the season, they are beginning to bloom. The stem is much like rosemary and when crushed, has a smell like anise.

All over the beach we find these small balls of sand.

These are created by the sand bubbler crab in a most interesting way.

All over the island, one finds creeks that drain into the ocean. These are not your usual flows of water. It is not the result of draining an area of rain water. The water is forced under pressure from the fresh water in and under the island and bubble up to form these flows of free water into the sea. You'll see more about this in later posts.

The holes in the sand made by the rays makes an interesting photo.

This sunset is from our send day on the island and there were a few more people around. this made for some more interesting photo-ops to silhouette against the setting sun.

And the folks walking along the shore all day left some interesting impressions.

The clear sky and section of empty beach make for a serene scene. What you see in the distance, just along the horizon is the mainland at River Heads.

The canoe sitting on the beach is a reminder of all the active people at the resort. You'll notice how calm the water is. This is a channel, a well protected area stayed very calm during our visit. Later, I'll show scenes from the ocean side and it is only slightly more active in the pleasant weather we had.

Playing in the sand is a pastime for everyone.