Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lake Apex and Freeman Wildlife Sanctuary & Parkland

Purple Swamp Hen

After our trip past Gatton yesterday, we decided to go back and spend some time at Lake Apex and Freeman Wildlife Sanctuary. There's a large cultural center there. This seems to be a library, tea room, visitor's information center, and spaces to let for various occasions.

About by the lake, E had a four bird day and we had a nice walk about and again saw our friend the Australian White Ibis.

I, of course, didn't get photos all the new birds, so I got some new pictures of a few, now familiar, friends. In particular, the Plumed Whistling Duck.

One of the new ones is the Plumed Whistling Duck seem in numbers above and below. It is a striking bird.

After our stroll about, we drove back to Toowoomba and up to Picnic Point. This is a park at the top of the Dividing Range from which you can look back toward Brisbane one the Lockyer Valley (which is where the lake is located). I'll get some photos from there later when the weather is better. Today was overcast and hazy. When it clears up a bit, I'll post a few images.