Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day Update

Katla on the prowl.

On Christmas and Boxing Days we had some down time and enjoyed the cats we are sitting. One cat, Katla, is, oddly enough, allowed outside. Above is Katla prowling her domain.

Kayla gives me the "back off" look. 
She is clearly a cat with mind of her own. Her siblings (house mates?) are equally photogenic.

Skorpan's looks moves beyond "back off" and clearly into "eat shit and die" territory.
They are beautiful cats, just not the most friendly. Katla is pleasant. Skorpan is skittish but will play with the laser pointer. Sookie, on the other hand, is just a very private cat.

Sookie in her crib.
Sooki eeats for a few minutes and then it's back to the crib where she sleeps 28 hours a day.

As for the humans here now, we've done some Boxing Day shopping. In fact, we visited the mother ship today...the planet's largest Ikea!

There didn't really seem to be anything that wasn't in there.  The store didn't really feel all that large - three floors - but it did sort of go on forever. When you started down the hallways that said "Utgang" you realized that you were caught in  flood of people headed for checkout. Spawning time in the ol' river. Such a flood of folks it was easy to run over if you weren't careful.

One of the floors of furniture and stuff. Lots of stuff. Everywhere. 
And after a successful outing, we returned home, satisfied in our ability to navigate across town and back and resist the excesses of consumerism (mostly). Back to the exciting night life of Bagarmossen.

Downtown Bagarmossen at night.