Wednesday, February 08, 2017

West to Adelaide

When we left Broken Hill, the weather report was calling for a high of 41C. In fact, it reached 45C that day. Fortunately, we were on the road before the worst of the heat and as we headed toward Adelaide, it got cooler and cloudier.

But for a long time, it was still outback in all directions. The road seemed endless. We passed into South Australia about 35 minutes west of Broken Hill. Before too long, there began to be mountains (or more precisely, low hills) in the distance.

The subtle color variations in the coil and vegetation gave this roadside view a bit of interest in the foreground.

After a few hours, we passed a quarantine checkpoint. Beyond a certain point, no fruit of any kind is allowed to prevent the spread of fruit flies. Within a 20 km or so, the landscape changed completely from endless tufts of spinifex and desert grasses to fields of grass and wheat. We had arrived in the wheatbelt of South Australia. The change was abrupt and startling.

The clouds continued to spread and when we got to Adelaide is was cloudy.