Sunday, February 12, 2017

West Terrace Cemetery

We can't really pass through a new place without visiting a cemetery. This is on nearest the city center. It is located on the west side in the park zone around the city.

In addition the usual collection of cemetery art, there are a few quite interesting markers.

About 100 years ago, Australians were using camels as a transportation method in the arid parts of the country. Needing people to help them manage these different beasts, Afgans were recruited to move to Australia and manage the herds. This grave is the resting place of one of the more successful camel herders(?). It seems odd in the days of Trumpian excess to see a person from Afghanistan buried in a christian cemetery and to have a wife named Marian.

The telegraph line across the country connecting Darwin and Adelaide was erected at the cost of many lives. This marker remembers two fellows who were speared in a battle with aborigines during the construction.

And, finally, this is the final resting place of Percy Grainger, the well-known composer and pianist.