Sunday, February 05, 2017

Railway Mineral and Train Museum

A visit to the Railway Mineral and Train Museum reveals lots of interest to see. There was several nicely maintained trains from the history of the area and wide range of other items.

There was a really large lathe sitting outside.

There as a few cool engines to see.

And there was a complete passenger train. This one was diesel.

One of the steam trains was also a passenger train.

The controls have a pretty thick coat of paint, but is still in reasonable shape. I guess things don't rust much in the low humidity with lots of paint on it.

The passenger cars were very well maintained.

There was also a building with old ambulances in it. Here is an image of one of the first ones in Broken Hill.

This room displays various antique pieces of medical equipment. The yellowish box on the left is an iron-lung. Between it and the dental chair at the back is an x-ray machine.

Lots of really cool old stuff to wander through. It gives a feel for the what life here might have been like 50 ro 100 years ago The sights combined with the heat really help you feel like you are there.