Friday, February 17, 2017

Moving on

Today we end our stay in the vast farmland of northern Victoria and head back in the direction of Melbourne. Our next sit in Mount Macedon, in the hills just under an hour from Melbourne. Here we will take care of a little girl cat named Zac. And we will pack for our (temporary) return to the US. I expect it to be cooler than we've had here at times since we are further south, a bit higher in elevation, a bit later in the season, and surrounded by lots and lots of trees.

Stayed tuned for posts about the Stewarton area to continue for a few days before you start seeing images of the Mount Macedon area. Mostly, we will be packing and stowing in preparation for our return. We have to empty the ute, something we haven't done in months, and sort everything into piles of what we need to take and what can be left behind for our return. We need to make a visit or two to Melbourne to secure ute storage for our absence and do a bit of last minute shopping. Going to be a busy couple of weeks.