Thursday, February 23, 2017


We took a ride through the country and about about 15 km from the farm is the small town of Dookie. It is among a small group of brown hills north and west of the house. However, here the dirt is bright red in places and the contrasts are interesting. The tan/brown hills put us in the mind of visiting northern California with its similar hills. There are also vineyards in the area adding to the general impression.

You know us, we had to find the local cemetery. These are usually on the edge of town. In this case, it was well out of town, surrounded by fields of wheat/oats and sheep.

The cemetery is small and many graves have no marker. But there are a few that are interesting.

But the real star is the land itself. The combination of green, gold, red, and blue makes this place worth a visit. From up on the hill, you can see also the mountains in the distance to the south and east.

These endless seeming fields are, however, a real contrast to northern California where there are many more people and many fewer places where you can see such a scene.

These fields remind me of a Van Gogh painting in the use of bright colors in wide swathes. It conveys a feeling of order and emptiness. A beautiful place.