Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Few Scenes from the Farm

A few images from around the farm on Stewarton. Water comes from a well (a bore) and there is a windmill that pumps it into this holding tank in the front yard. The water we drink is pumped by an electric pump but has to be filtered heavily to get the minerals out of it. After filtering it takes pretty good. Without a filter, it is pretty bad. the water from the this tank is only used to water the lawn and flowers.

Although it is not clear how much use it gets any more, there is a place to sit out and enjoy the yard (and the flies this time of year).

We have our share of out buildings and fields.

and plains of grassy fields for the cows and horse (only one horse).

The farm is no longer active. The cows are pastured by another person who rents the access. The horse is quite old.