Monday, October 31, 2016

Movin' On

Tomorrow, we leave Toowoomba and Queensland for points south. Our house sit here has ended and we start a two-day drive south to Lemon Tree Passage.

We are driving first to Coffs Harbor, NSW. We expect to have a little time in the afternoon to check out the sights of this corner of the northern New South Wales coast. This will be our first foray into NSW. As is the case for adjacent states in the US, I expect it to be exactly the same and completely different.  Being on the coast promises to bring the potential for new plants and animals and certainly new kinds of views. The following day we continue for another 4-5 hours to get to Lemon Tree Passage (LTP). It is still 2.5 hours from there to Sydney. NSW has less than half the area of Queensland, but it is still a pretty big place - NSW is bigger than Texas.

Not far down the road from LTP, maybe 45 minutes or so, is the city of Newcastle. This place has nearly three times the population of Toowoomba. LTP is tiny: ~2500. Should be quite a culture shift from Toowoomba.

We're looking forward to this new kind of adventure. We go from a house with no pets to a house with two border collies and a cat. There is a koala sanctuary in LTP, and we hope that we can walk the dogs down the street to see the koalas hanging out.

New adventures around every turn. Once we get moving in, I hope to have a few photos to share of the trip.

Remember: The time difference between us and the States increases by an hour when we cross the border (See time zone post) and by another when the US ends DST this year.