Wednesday, October 26, 2016


A few minutes to look back at our trip in August this year. I thought a few of the images would work in B&W. This one is from a clearing in the Bunya Mountains gives a view of the valley beyond and some nice clouds floating above.

On the way back home we drove a ways along this very narrow road with wide dirt verges on either side to permit the encounter of an oncoming vehicle.

The streaks in the sky are really there - they are shadows across the sky from clouds. In B&W you get strong sense of the isolation in this place that is only a few hours drive from Toowoomba. It is also really, really flat. This is one of the images that shows how very different this part of the world is from the place we grew up. Even in parts of the southeastern US where things get flat, they don't look like this.

Back on the main road, we passed a train on a track parallel to the road. This train, with its graffiti painted cars is rolling through a empty stretch of land on its way somewhere.

Australia is a beautiful place, filled with places of majesty, isolation, and serenity. There is something that draws me to this landscape. Just as the people greet you with open arms and smile, the land spreads itself open and pulls you in to a place of peace.