Friday, October 07, 2016

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary II

One of the two largest birds in Australia, the Cassowary (the heaviest of the two), is a significant carnivore and, by all reports a nasty tempered critter. As you can see there is a fence between us and this old bird has learned to be calm with all the humans walking about

The largest bird in Australia is the Emu. This is much more placid animal and we were able to walk in the enclosure with him/her.

We also got to see a wombat in his enclosure. Not the most handsome of fellows, is he?

The Emus have a large trough of water from which to drink. It is interesting to watch them drink. They grab a bit of water and fling their head up to get the water headed down the throat.

And they just look frazzled. Too many tourists, too much work getting a drink of water, maybe just a bad hair day - I don't know, but they certainly look wild. Oh wait, they are.

Out in this same compound were kangaroos and wallabies. Among them were these two kangaroos busy making more kangaroos. This fellow was "busy" when we got to their corner of the lot and he was still at it when we left. Stamina!

There was a group of young women standing near us twittering among themselve about the sex act before them. I considered for a moment whether to tell them that female kangaroos are pregnant their entire adult life, but I decided to stay quite. Knowing that kind of takes the romance away.