Monday, October 24, 2016

Backyard Visitor

Since spring is well underway here, it the time of year to watch for those winter-sleeper, reptiles and amphibians. We recently found a Common Blue Tongue lizard in the backyard - also known as a "bluey".

These fellows get this name from the fact that they have a bright blue tongue (duh!). After I took these photos, I got a stick and touched the ground near to him and he did indeed poke out a very blue tongue.

Although the depth of field makes it blurry at the far end of the lizard, he has a short stubby tail. I read that these guys can also shed their tails, leading me to suspect that this particular one had done so in the not too distant past.

He was very quiet and difficult to alarm with my stick. Even with me bouncing a stick on the ground around his head, he never ran away, he only stuck out his tongue.