Sunday, October 30, 2016

At the Movies

Went to see Dr. Strange at the cinema. It was a fun ride and Benedict C. did a great job. I thought that a time or two the special effects were moving so fast across the screen that I was going to loose my lunch. But the story was fun and it is clear that several of these are in the works.

One of things that I find great about Australia is that there are so many things exactly like the US only entirely different. One small example of this is that this cinema has a Gob Shop in addition to the usual counter for tickets, popcorn and drinks.

It seems that Halloween is celebrated here as as well, but the over-the-top advertising and decorations are absent. The two plastic pumpkins in the photo above are about the most I've seen. You can find seasonal candy in the store, but it is not in your face like at home. Kinda refreshing.