Sunday, July 31, 2016

University of Queensland at Gatton

After our visit to Laidley, we stopped by the University of Queensland, Gatton campus again to check out the Environmental Park. We saw lots of old friends again, such as the Plumed Whistling Duck, above.

I love the way these animals sit and pose for you and when in a group, they all face the same direction for reasons I cannot fathom.

We also saw our friend the White-Headed Stilt posing for us at the edge of the water.

This time I got a photo of the Chestnut Teal cleaning himself as he floated along.

But, on this trip we also got to see the Royal Spoonbill sitting in a tree enjoying the sunshine. Elizabeth spotted him because he was clacking his beak.

And he was not alone.

So many posing birds in one spot.

These images and many more have been added to the previous album of images from UQ Gatton on flickr where you can see them.

Here's a short video of this visit to give you flavor or the sights and sounds.

You will notice that all the photos that include the sky, show a clear blue sky with no clouds. It was indeed a perfectly clear day. It seems we either get clouds or no clouds. Very rarely is it truly partly cloudy. This is going to make summer interesting.