Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why Children Should Study Science

Hello, friends and blog readers! I am having a very large glass of wine tonight in celebration of living to write this post. Stevie and I went on a 2.5 hour bush walk today through the Crow's Nest National Park. I'm certain he'll blog about that, but the thrill was sighting the nearly extinct Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby. He wouldn't sit still for a photo, but we saw him!

After the bush walk, we attempted to drive the Crow's Nest Country Route. Sadly, our GPS became hopelessly confused and led us into a washed out, deeply rutted, thickly muddy track that required four wheel drive and physics!

My friends have often heard me complain about Steve's driving, but you've also probably heard me say he's the best snow-driver I've ever known. I'm officially adding mud-driving to that list (short though it may be). After steering the car out of several spins, ruts, and slides, I completely freaked out when we arrived at a deep and muddy ditch across the road. Dr. Steve sized it up, took the wheel and saved the day. This was about 25% more adventure than I crave, and while not the most frightened I've been in a car, it earned a spot in the Top 5.

He's old, he's bald, but he's my HERO!