Monday, July 11, 2016

We Have Transportation!

Today we went to Cars Galore to finalize the purchase of our vehicle. We got home from our jaunt to the Carbarlah Cemetery too late in the afternoon (it's winter remember and the sun sets early) to get good photos. I'll get them in the morning.

We bought a Ssangyong (yes, that's two S's) Actyon Sport turbodiesel truck. We're really happy with it. Going to haul our stuff and us in style. Cruise control, automatic transmission, air, and all the wheels reach the ground in pretty much the same plane. You see, I find that pretty amazing since there are four wheels. Three points determine a plane so have four points in the same plane is kinda special alignment.

Oh. Sorry. Forgot that you were there. Just kinda grooving on the geometry of a vehicle that is planar.

Anyway, we learned that car insurance in Australia is way cheaper than it is in the US. Including the currency conversion, we are paying about 20% of what we pay in the US for a lower deductible. And boy are the Australians friendly! We talked with a young woman this morning to buy insurance that was really great. Helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. RACQ is a great place to do businesses.