Monday, July 18, 2016

Lake Annand Park

Today was mostly a man and mend day. We spent the morning washing Ms. Poppins to remove the layer of clay we put on her during the late adventure, grocery shopping, and getting some laundry done. As the sun was setting we out to one of the many parks here in town. today we visited Lake Annand Park.

It is very pleasant park for folks to walk their dog or just have a stroll. As the sun was sinking, the colors of the clouds really made things nice.

Even though the streets are close and the traffic is around us in what passes here for the evening rush hour, it is somehow serene.

Even the 7/11 across the street (these things are more coming than McDonalds here) seems to be part of the plan.

The Pacific Black Ducks were busy begging food from us.

And as the sun dropped below the horizon, we walked back to the car and came home.

We still have dozens of parks to visit in Toowoomba. We'll slowly work through as many as we can while we are here.