Saturday, July 30, 2016


Today we went back to the Lockyer Valley to see the town of Laidley and a couple birding spots nearby. Laidley has a nice little CBD (Central Business District, every thing gets abbreviated here).

There's a nice post office. And a short walking mall that is perpendicular to the main street with a few shops and a public toilet. Also there is the warning sign that no untoward fun is allowed.

Main street has a few interesting buildings.

Around the corner is the Das Neumann Haus Museum with Annie's Place Coffee Shop in the back. It is a nice place will a pleasant back porch for tea drinking and lunch eating. This part of the country was settled by Germans, hence the name. The Neumann's sold furniture to colonists.

Inside is a nice collection of bits and bobs from roughly 100 years ago showing what living was like between about 1890 and 1920, give or take.

Afterwards we walked back to car and passed what must certainly be a hopping place in town: Wayne's World.

I can hear Night at the Opera by Queen in my head just looking at the photo.