Sunday, July 24, 2016

Jumpers and Jazz

Sunday we drove to Warwick, about an hour south of Toowoomba, and took in the Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

The idea is that here in midwinter, when it is cold and all, at least down to 65F, we need a reasons to gather and socialize. Since Christmas comes in the summer, we must invent a reason. So, someone had the notion some years ago to knit a "jumper" for one of the poor trees out there freezing to death in the frigid temperatures (to be fair, we have a warm winter, just like everyone does). The idea caught on and the next thing you know, Bob's your Uncle, and there is a Jumpers and Jazz festival where folks gather to show off their antique cars, look at the creative jumpers on the trees, and take in some jazz (broadly defined) on the street.

The old cars included those that we all recognize from our childhood like this '56 Ford and many that are purely Australian.

The Holden is an Australian car company that has always, at least until 2017, made all its cars in country. Next year the assembly lines move overseas to save money. Big sad for all Aussies.

Don't you just love the colors of these trucks?

There is also the Morris. Another Australian car company that was formed in 1954.

And finally, a self-portrait with a Rolls-Royce.

Warwick also has some interesting architecture in the older buildings.

All in all a delightful day.

To see more photos, head over to flickr.

To give you a better flavor of of the street scene, here are a few videos of one of the bands that performed this morning.

A little pole Dancing, eh?

And finally on the main state.