Monday, July 25, 2016

A Little Quiz

Today we took the truck back to the dealer and had the windows tinted to keep it a little cooler and us a little less blinded in the summer heat and light. While this is happening we first went next door for a pot of tea. then we had a perambulation about town to do some window shopping. We stopped in at the theater to buy tickets for the upcoming Met Opera rebroadcasts and enjoyed the cool air and the exercise.

Along the way, we passed the the Portadown Hotel on Herries Street. You can see (I think) that on the  left end of the building is written, "Bar, Pokies, Food". Now, all our Australian friends will know immediately about "Pokies" and why it makes sense to see them listed along with "Bar" and "Food", but those following us from the US are likely to make a very different set of associations with that word.

For our US friends: Without consulting the internet, think about what you suppose "Pokies" might be in this context. then when you think you've sorted it out, look it up. Enjoy.