Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pretty Much Read to Go

Today I visited the office for the last time. I gave Kim my JAC Card and my keys. We transferred signature authority from me to Chris and Ioana. I'm done.

We've made our last trip to the storage facility to put aways the bits we want to keep. We've made the last trip to our security box at the bank to put away important papers for safekeeping.

Today I made a (nearly) last pass at packing. We bought two luggage sets of three bags. These are nice polycarbonate spinners that nest inside one another. We only need five of the bags to hold all our stuff so one of the medium-sized bags is nested inside the matching large one. This will give us room to expand as we travel with souvenirs. All that is left to pack are the cords and chargers for our electronics. This will happen in Arkansas when we are ready to fly. All our clothes for the trip between here and Tontitown are packed separately and will not make the trip any farther.

We have rented a car for the trip to Arkansaa since the big red Caravan has died. It is a bright red Jeep Compass. Plenty of room for us and our stuff. I gassed it up this morning.

All that is missing is the sale of the house. We have a nibble and are hopeful that this will come to fruition (an offer) soon, perhaps in the next week or so.

So with a few speed bumps, we are on track for fun and adventure. Tomorrow we pack the car and make a final cleaning of everything.

Thursday, we hit the road.