Sunday, June 26, 2016

Moving West

The first day of retirement was spent driving to Louisville. The second day was spent wandering about Louisville with family to see a few things we've never seen. Near the Muhammad Ali Center is the back of some historic storefronts seen above.

The Ali Center is a really nice space, not so much a museum as a discussion of that make him a great man. It was very impressive.

After spending a couple hours soaking up the Ali experience (and it was really worth the visit), we wandered down the street to the Frazier History Museum to see the exhibits on Lewis and Clark and prohibition. Elizabeth posed with Al Capone for photo.

Of course, we also had to get in a bit of shopping and we visited the Butchertown Market to explore some of the funky side. Lots of nice things and lots of kitsch. Some of it pretty naughty.

After dinner we headed out to the country to spend the evening with Elizabeth's brother surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest. He's put up a collection of hummingbird feeders and is really successful in attracting them. So, of course I had to try my had a few photos of the hummers.

On the way west to St. Louis, we made a detour through New Harmony, IN to have a look

It is a very serene place. Downtown is filled with Victorian architecture painted in gay colors. Lots of neat rows of houses on the side streets and nearly as many golf carts as cars as the folks putter about on trails and streets at a leisurely pace. Very quiet and calm. Feels like you are transported to another time.

I have to say, the first few days of retirement have been great. I'm already no longer expecting a phone call or a long list of emails to respond to. I've got to say, retirement is starting out most excellently.