Friday, June 24, 2016

Leaving Home 6.23.16

Yesterday, I planned to make a picture of us leaving the house while standing on the back porch, but the rain ruled that out. So we headed for the library where I could put the camera on the wet bar for support. And here we are, saying goodby to the house, collecting the sprits of our kitties to take with us, then hitting the road in the sometimes blinding rain.

We stopped in Lewisburg WVA for leg-stretch and a cup of coffee and there was, amazingly, a break in the near constant rain.

We stopped a couple more times but no place as pleasant as Lewisburg. We arrived safely at our hotel in the midst of a severe thunderstorm. There were warnings all over the news, and wind and water all over everything. The lightening was intense.

Walking out of the door the last time was hard, but being gone is good. Somehow neither of us miss going to work.

The news this morning of the Brexit is sending the markets into a frenzy. We have our fingers crossed that this won't keep our house from selling.