Monday, March 07, 2016

Slow Weekend

The Carmine Bee Eater.
This weekend was a slow one for us. We are finding our routine and really enjoying the slower pace of things. Saturday we had a brief rain storm that resulted in having no power. After about 45 minutes, we loaded up and went to one of our favorite haunts: Motsana. This is a small shopping center just out of town. There's a travel agency (Glen's), a small gym of sorts, a couple shops and cafe. There is in addition, one end set up as a stage so there is community theater there several times a year (but not while we are here).

There we net a woman, Nicole, from Toronto, and had a delightful conversation about all sorts of things. After a light lunch and some exploring we headed back home and found the power back on. Sunday was quite laid back with only quick trip to the store. Monday was more interesting. We went to Lake Ngami.