Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Moremi Game Reserve

The main road through the southern end of Moremi.
Today is a little R&R after our trek to the southern end of the Moremi Game Reserve. It is unlike any place in South Africa we've visited. The road is more of a path in many places, and as you see above can be quite deep sand. Four-wheel drive is must. We have intermittent rain as we drove along and there were places with nice mud puddles to navigate.

To maintain my sanity and yours, I'll be posting several entries about this trip.

Although we were in the game reserve proper for only a couple hours, the amount of wild life we was was amazing. There were wide savannas as in the picture above and stretches of forested areas filled with mopane trees. We even saw the "farmed" sections where the elephants keep them trimmed and separated so it looks like a grove of intentionally planted trees.

After a rain squall passes through, it cools a bit and we can roll down the windows. We are greeted with a most wonderful fragrant smell. Elizabeth describes it heather-y, sage-y, and sweetly delicious. So fragrant and calming. Unlike anything we experienced elsewhere. There seems to be large bushes along the "road" that resembled rosemary that we assumed were the source of the fragrance.

A giraffe have a spot of lunch.
Even before we enter the reserve, we begin to see animal. Our first visit was with this giraffe. Perfectly happy wandering along near the road.

We came along a group (too few to be called a herd) of zebra and herd (way to many to be called a group) of impala.

Young impala watching us attentively.
Since it is late summer here, the herd had many youngsters stating about all attentively. There were also the bucks who were clearly in charge.

Large and in charge.