Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Lunch at the French Connection

Yesterday we had lunch at the very pleasant cafe, The French Connection. It is located near the airport (city center, if you will) and shaded by a canopy and overhead screens to make an outside seating area.

As you can see in the canopy there is a cat having a nap. 

We started with the mezza platter, a bit of pita bread with small bowls of butternut squash, eggplant, Tzatziki, something that resembled perhaps slaw (?), and some falafel. It was all very good.

Our main was an open face roast beef sandwich on a fresh baguette with horseradish sauce. This was delicious.

All in all, a wonderful place to have a light lunch. The main attraction, however, was not the food really. It was the owners. Free spirits and talkers.  Germain Marquis and his wife Glanis were both delightful. Germain is a talker and really enjoyed spending time (lots of time!) with us talking about the world, politics, travel, and the locals. We learned things about our continued travels that could be useful. I highly recommend this place next time you are Maun.