Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Large Moremi Wildlife

The Tsessebe Antelope, one of the uglier critters I've seen lately.
Not all the creatures we saw fit into the category of majestic or handsome. The Tsessbe Antelope is one of them. Face covered with sand from trying to ward of the flies, and just generally not a pretty face underneath.

So, let me tell you about the flies. OMG! There were places along the road where opening a window was scary. The flies were so numerous that the swifts were thickly swarming about scooping them up as fast as possible.

A lone Wildebeest.
On a similar note, is the Wildebeest. Also not a handsome guy. This fellow and I seems to be having a staring contest. I was certainly glad that I was inside the 4x4 and not walking about. That "stink-eye" I'm getting here would be really terrifying otherwise.

Large and impressive, however, is the elephant, and we saw over a half a dozen. One was a large lone bull out on the savanna, but others were closer to the road and, once, in a small group.

Lunch time for the elephant.

We came upon a one elephant having himself a mud bath, no doubt to help ward off the hordes of files. The mud hole was near the road so we got a ring side seat.

A short mud bath.

"This feels amazing!"
At the end of his bathe the elephant got a trunkful of mud and wrapped his trunk around his face and then kind of leaning into it as if that spot on his face was really being tormented by the flies and the mud just felt delicious. You could just tell that this really felt wonderful. And then he ambled away.