Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Country Life

As far as we can tell, most folks in Maun have electricity although some (many...most?) do not have running water. We know this because even first thing in the morning, Kitsiso and KB have charged cell phones, but we also see lots of people carrying water from the river.

Out of town, even electricity is scarce.

Outside of town, there are fewer cars and, of course, fewer people. And they still carry water from the river - in this case the Boteti. But with fewer cars and greater distances to cover, ingenuity is required.

The folks living here have made the obvious choice - donkey carts. Water is heavy and, even empty handed, walking many miles is hard.

A cart even provides a way to move the family.

Out here, there are few power lines, and I saw none in the village we passed through today. While the carts are clearly made from car parts, the clothes are machine made, and plastics abound, yet these folks live in ways that are only modestly separated from their ancestors.