Friday, March 11, 2016

A Night at the Movies

At the Motsana Center where we like to go for a post-breakfast Coke and tea before we start the day, there are other activities to enjoy. On Thursdays (at least this week and next), there is a kind of dinner theater. The owner, the standing fellow in the distance, rearranges the furniture to face the stage area off to the left and pulls down the projection screen. Then using his DVD player, we watch the weekly movie. This week it was The Bridge of Spies. It was very good and a welcome relief from the inability to watch Netflix on the slow network connections available here.

Driving home in the dark was an entirely different experience. There are no street lights and very few houses have lights you can see from the road. The dense vegetation also limits the reach of any domestic outdoor lights. Last night it was cloudy so there was no starlight or moon to guide us. It was just bloody dark!

All the roads looked different when viewed only from the car headlights. One stretch has a multitude of color-coded reflectors (with colors indicating side roads, passing/no-passing, etc.) embedded in the road making it feel like we were landing a plane. When this guidance disappeared, it suddenly got almost cave dark. Distances seems longer. We were convinced at least three times that we'd passed our road.

But in the end, after a nice evening out, we got home safely to our little retreat.