Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A Few Moremi Birds

Red-billed hornbill.
We saw many more birds than I could reasonably photograph, so here are a few of the better images. Above is a Red-Billed Hornbill wandering along near the road. There are very common here.

More below the fold.

The European Roller.
 We saw several members of the roller family of birds. These are so named because of the unusual way in which they fly. We've seen then doing barrel-rolls and flops in the air when visiting South Africa. Here, however, they were all sitting around in the heat of the day just watching. (I tried to find a video of one in flight, but the internet connections here are slow and after painfully watching two or three 20 second YouTube videos at /10 speed, I despaired of finding anything useful.)

Lilac-Breasted Roller.
By European Roller is fine looking bird, but the Lilac-Breasted is very striking. Both the birds are sitting on termite mounds surveying the world. It is clear from the droppings on the mounds that this is a common pastime.