Friday, March 11, 2016

A Few Birds

The Pied Kingfisher.
We headed to the Old Backpackers for such yesterday and had a really good bacon cheese burger with fries. Nice and juicy! While there, we saw our friend the Pied Kingfisher again posing for us. But the real show of the day was viewed from Glen's front porch.

The Grey Lourie.
Although quite common in our visits to Johannesburg years ago, we saw our first Grey Lourie of the trip yesterday. He came to make territorial displays for a bit and then have a bathe in the bird bath.

The bathing Lourie is joined by a Brown-Throated Weaver, a frequent visitor to Glen's yard.

The Black-Eyed Bulbul.

What we mostly saw was the Black-eyed Bulbul. Here, you see him signing away. Very talkative.

The visitor we have most days is the Paradise Fly Catcher. He is a beautiful bird but very restless and difficult to photograph. Here's my one and, so far, only image of this impressive bird.

The Paradise Fly Catcher.
This fellow flits from spot to spot so fast, I can't get him in the viewfinder, never mind getting a shot composed and focused. Even though this is not a stellar photo, it is all I have and not bad for a bird so shy.