Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thamalakane River

Chloe investigates...inquiring minds want to know.
On Saturday evening, we took Chloe, Emma, and Terri down to the Thamalakane River for a walk. This is just a couple minutes from Glen's house. We're told that most of what you see as grass now is actually river in the winter. There are birds around, and I'll get some of them on the blog later. There are also some suggestions that  more sinister creatures are lurking in the water. We saw a mighty large disturbance in the water's surface - could have been a croc.

We saw children fetching drinking water from the river in plastic jugs. Jugs much like the ones we'll take to the store to fill with pure water for drinking, cooking, and brushing our teeth. While it is clear that people are able to drink the river water just fine, I'm pretty sure that my innards would revolt were I to do so.

I'm getting bumpy on my limbs from the many insect bites but it doesn't itch much and isn't a red rash or anything. We are having a bit of rain this morning (Monday) and the birds are gathering in the trees near the house and making their own variety of cheerful noise. 

We expect the housekeeper along soon. I've unlocked the front gate to let her in. The cool and the rain have made the dogs all sleepy and, except for the birds, all is quiet.

There are some really large millipedes here. I'll get a photo of one of these posted when I can find one when my camera is in my hand.