Saturday, August 15, 2015


 On a hot summer's day the bumble bees are thick in the agastache. These guys are constantly feeding  and enjoying the abundance.

The sun is hot and I can feel it burning through my shirt. You know these days. The ones you thought would never come back in February. The kind of day that you longed for last winter. Hot. Sticky. Summer.

Those days where you can smell the heat. When the sky is so bright it almost hurst to look up. The colors feel a bit washed out and desaturated when you are out of the shade. You know just what sort of mid-summer day I'm talking about.

And then you round the corner and find a tiny detail partially shaded and in that shade there is color. A tiny sliver of vibrance in a steamy, bleached day.

And it makes you smile. Suddenly the day doesn't feel so warm for just a moment.