Monday, July 10, 2017

The Huon River at Sunset

At the end of a beautiful day (not warm, just sunny), we had another wind free afternoon resulting in a mirror-like river surface. This, of course, is the perfect opportunity for some photos.

Because the water surface is so still, everything appears twice, giving the images a wonderful symmetry.

Even in black and white, the sky and the reflections make a wonderful tapestry for the sharp symmetry in between. I think the symmetry is especially obvious in B&W.

This next image is a bit of fun. With the 24 mm lens on the Nikon, I am just able to get both the moon and its reflection (faintly, just above the watermark) in the frame.

Looking back toward the northwest where the sun sets, I took a 5-image HDR and got very nice detail in the trees and the far shore. It didn't look exactly like this at the edge of the river, but this is what it felt like.