Sunday, July 09, 2017

Ida Bay and Lune River

On south of Southport is a small village called Ida Bay. It's one claim to fame is the narrow gauge railway. Although we could have taken a ride, we opted not to. Rather, we just had a look about.

In spite of the signs telling us that ride were available everyday, it sure looked closed.

And the narrow gauge railway seemed to wander all through the trees.

Not far from Ida Bay is the spreading expanse of Lune River. In the photo below, you see all of the place.

Closer to Southport, we managed to catch an entire rainbow spanning the bay.

And in a nearby tree, searching for lunch, was a White Bellied Sea Eagle.

And, finally, just to let you know that it really is lambing season now, here's a couple of the freshly minted critters.