Friday, July 14, 2017

Cygnet Cemetery

We visited the small cemetery in the village of Cygnet and found a few stone worth some pixels. I found the names on the marker above to be unusual.

There was very little statuary in the cemetery, this being almost the only piece I could find.

The rest of older marked graves paid tribute to people who died in or not long before WWI. This and few others were red streaked, perhaps from rust due to some iron content in the stone.

Even the more prominent markers were relatively simple compared to what we find in a place like Melbourne.

Although it is difficult to read, both husband and wife were immigrants who died here. the stone gives their respective birthplaces.

This stone seems to have some sore of whitewash on it to hide a cheap stone underneath. Perhaps the red color on the above marker is from a similar kind of thing.

the design at the top of the stone is not one I've seen elsewhere. Guns and the royal crow radiating above them. This man died in WWI and his family was clearly proud of his service to king and country.

This fellow has the Victorian draped urn included into the top of the stone.

the singular feature of this cemetery is the quantity of wallaby poop in it. We really had to watch where we stepped to avoid stepping in it. We also see a plenty of them dead along the road. Several places are signs lowering the speed limit from dusk to dawn to 55 kph from 100kph to help people avoid these collisions. Clearly, it is not working as well as might be hoped. Even still, with the noticeable wallaby highway death rate, this cemetery is really full of fresh poo.