Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Morning has Broken

Our first morning in Port Huon brought a glorious morning filled with light, scattered clouds, and rainbows. I went with our host Rob to the marina to pick up his boat after repairs. It is not often you see a double rainbow.

All the brightly colored boats docked here combine with the rainbows and the sunshine on the hill opposite to make a scene that could have come from a children's book.

I told that the river is quite shallow in most places and that one must really pay attention to the channel markers to avoid running aground. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful river and, in spite of the rising breeze, a wonderful morning.

Once back home, and looking to the NNE towards Hobart, we see the sun and the mountains under a clearing sky. All very dramatic and enjoyable.

To top off this morning glory, The house has glass walls, frameless glass panels floor to ceiling across the north and east side of the house so you can sit and enjoy the every changing view. Oh, it's going to be great here.