Friday, May 19, 2017

Syttende Mai

Norwegian Constitution Day, the 17th of May, is a celebration of the signing of the constitution declaring (among other things) the independent country of Norway in 1814. This separated it from Denmark to avoid being ceded to Sweden after Denmark-Norway was defeated in the Napoleonic wars. This celebration in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle claims to be the largest celebration outside Oslo. We stood in the street at the turn in the parade to enjoy the people and the show of Norwegian pride.

If you are Norwegian, you gotta have boats, and being on dry land, this is the best you can do.

This guy on the street sweeper has his fishing tackle on the back for some reason. He came and did circles in the street for us. before moving on.

Don't know who or what this person is in their costume. I suppose it is some sort of Norwegian thing.

The eagle has landed! most costumed characters to delight the children. I think the sneakers go well with the eagle claws.

There were local marching bands who all struggles to make the corner. Apparently, no one practiced actually making a turn in formation.

But the real treat of a parade is the children all watching intently.

The old Seattleites gave a good representation of what you see in Seattle. Long beards, closely trimmed heads, and ambiguous gender clothing and hairstyles. And beer.

Seamus was the star (as always) of our little part of the show. He wore his horned helmet in honor of the day.

Lots of people showed up in colorful traditional Norwegian costumes to brighten the day.

The corner we stood near is called Bergen Place to honor the connection between Seattle and Norway.

Was a fun afternoon. Ballard is a really cool place that we'll have to visit frequently. Lots of great food and shopping. Many neon signs that will require photographing during the dusky hours. We'll be back...if not on this visit, then next year.