Monday, May 22, 2017

A Celebration of Fatherhood

I began mentally planning an all-male family to-do to celebrate Seth's recent entry into the land of fatherhood. Last Saturday it finally happened. We had a collection of McDonaghs, near-McDonaghs, and honorary McDonaghs on hand to smoke a cigar, lift a glass of fine scotch or bourbon, eat, and tell stories on Seth.

Here we all are (nearly). A motley crew if ever there was one. Aside from a dog or two, this is a statistical quorum of McDonaghs. Sans alcohol, life changing decisions could have been made (but weren't, of course).

The hot tub cover was used as a table top for pouring drinks and fetching sandwiches.

While some smoked, others played games in the yard.

Even the little doggies were well cared for.

The failure of the party was that we had no juicy stories on Seth to tell. He's much to straight of an arrow to have the same sorts of skeletons in his closet that you and I have. We asked his brother Josh to tell a couple of tales and they always degenerated into stories about stuff he did that had nothing to do with Seth. Clearly, when the time comes to do this to Josh, we will have a great roast.

Seth has passed the Rubicon and joined the elder McDonaghs as a father. The circle is unbroken.