Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why we are Blogging Less Frequently

Back in Australia, we were diligent about keeping daily posts on the blog and intend to be so again once we return. However, while we are here in Seattle, our attention keeps being redirected elsewhere.

Seamus is a growing boy and now that Seth has gone back to work, freedom is curtailed to deal with late nights without some help. And we are more than happy to be there to take up the slack when we can.

While he still spends most of his time sleeping, these are punctuated with episodes of eating and pooping. Normal occupation for a newborn.

Nevertheless, he's a cute guy.

I sometimes can't tell if he is practicing for using a cell phone, thinking deep thoughts, or perhaps, doing his Winston Churchill impression.

Regardless of why he does what he does, he's a cutie and we're going to visit all we can. This come at the expense of endless posts of baby pictures and days without posts at all. I trust you will understand.