Monday, March 20, 2017

Seamus' Birthday

Yesterday was a special day for many people. We gathered at the hospital to support Anna (and Seth) in the final stages of Seamus' birth. After some 62 hours, Seamus was born by C-section.

Grandparents (to be), an aunt, a nephew, and a cousin were talking and hanging out.

Here's a shot of Terry (Paul's Sister), Tawnya (Seth's Mother), E and Paul (Seth's Father) as the hour grew near.

And then we were called back for a quick visit with the world's news inhabitant. There, we found Anna and her son quietly recovering from the birthing process.

Later, Seth was holding his big boy while he struggled to open his eyes and look about a little. He seemed so small for 7 lb 6 oz baby, all swaddled up in the blankets. On the other hand, he's pretty darned big for a premature baby.

Lots of happiness and pride filling the hospital and overflowing into the streets. The sun was shining all day for the first time in nearly almost two weeks. A good omen for our special day.