Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life on Bainbridge Island

I our current assignment, we have two charges: Barkis and Lenny. Barkis seems to like to block out the light when he goes to bed and pulls a blanket over his face.

Lenny, on the other hand will begin the evening in his "man cave" and then when we are all settled in, he climbs into bed, dives under the covers and sleeps at the feel all warm and toasty.

One the clear day of Seamus' birth, it started with fog. This fog lifted as the sun came up and created a beautiful scene over the water.

As the first Bremerton ferry of the morning passed, I was able to get a couple photos to capture the mood the morning.

Although the sun was coming up, the moon was a significant source of illumination as well. I just managed to catch the ferry and the moon in one frame.

In the evening, with the sun at my back, I get a clear view of Mount Rainier. It is interesting to see the line of the Cascades just in front of the must taller mountain. As I keep seeing this scene out the rear windows, it reminds me of what I imagine Mordor to resemble: the ring of mountains on the border of the land with the large Mt Doom in the middle. I know, these have snow on them, but the arrangement reminds me of the mental image I have of that imaginary place.

Every time I see this magnificent mountain, I just want to sit and stare. Most impressive.