Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Kyneton and Woodend

A drive through the country took us to the towns of Kyneton and Woodend. Here are few of the smaller details we found along the way. Above is a decoration on an air vent along the street in Kyneton(one of those near the sidewalk).

In Woodend, a larger place, we found some interesting store fronts. A shoe store has all the lasts on display.

There was a store with lots of used bits and bobs on sale and displayed in the window. This seems to be a chess set.

Another store had a few pieces of pottery out for inspection. I especially love the reflection in the odd blue pot at the front.

Two nice little towns. As is often the case in this smaller towns,the buildings are not much to get excited about, but the character of the towns and the people is found in the small items anyway. The buildings are what is left from former times or what is currently affordable. The contents of the buildings are who the people are and what they value.